Hello! Welcome to Particle Measurement & Technology Laboratory (PMTL) led by Dr. Yang Wang at Missouri S&T. At PMTL, we conduct particle measurement, particle synthesis and develop particle characterization techniques for environmental and energy applications. 

Our research focus on understanding the nanoparticle “Structure-Property-Impact” relationship, to minimize the impact of atmospheric particulate matter on human health and to optimize the functionality of materials in nano-enabled devices. These research projects are enabled or assisted by the real-time characterization of particles in the sub-micron and sub-nanometer range, an important frontier in aerosol science and technology. Novel techniques are being deployed in our lab, to study the incipient particle formation with a high size resolution, to examine the evolution of transient particles with a high time resolution, and to conduct air quality monitoring with a stronger network. More details of these projects can be found on the tab “Projects.”