2021.6.18 Yang was interviewed by the St. Louis Public Radio regarding the use of ionizing air purifiers.

2021.5.27 Happy to see that Kapiamba showed up in Missouri S&T video to talk about the graduate student experience.

2021.1.23 Our paper “New particle formation in the remote marine boundary layer,” is published in Nat. Commun.!

2020.12.24 Weixing’s paper “Factors Influencing the Filtration Performance of Homemade Face Masks,” was published by  J. Occup. Environ. Health.!

2020.10.23 Yang gave a presentation titled “What information to share on mask making materials” during the AEESP “Converging COVID-19, environment, health, and equity” virtual conference.

2020.10.6 Weixing presented a poster titled “Filtration Performances of Non-medical Materials as Candidates for Homemade Face Mask Filters” during the 2020 AAAR virtual conference.

2020.8.24 Kapiamba joined PMTL as a Ph.D. student. He will be working on the measurement and characterization of combustion-generated aerosols. Brandon and Clayton also joined us as undergraduate researchers. They will work on evaluating the performance of air filters and face shields in blocking airborne particles.

2020.7.21 Our paper evaluating the filtration performance of common household materials is published in International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health. Congrats, Weixing!

2020.7.1 Chanakya and Bani joined PMTL as a Ph.D. student and an Assistant Researcher. Welcome, Chanakya and Bani!

2020.4.13 Given the COVID-19 situation and the urgent need for medical masks, we will test a wide range of household materials and common commercial fabrics that can be used to manufacture masks. The results will be updated daily on google sheet:

2020.4.10 Our recent efforts on evaluating the filtration efficiencies of non-medical materials as candidates for homemade mask filters were reported by multiple news platforms such as New York Times, BBC News, NPR News, C&EN News, Daily Herald, Today, Newsy, etc.

2020.1.9 Our paper entitled “Measurement of sub-2 nm stable clusters during silane pyrolysis in a furnace aerosol reactor” has been published in the Journal of Chemical Physics! This is the first paper from the group affiliated with Missouri S&T.

2019.11.13 Yang gave a seminar in the Center for Research in Energy and Environment at Missouri S&T, titled “Rapid Measurements of Aerosol Size Distribution and Hygroscopic Growth with a Fast Integrated Mobility Spectrometer (FIMS)”.

2019.10.19 Weixing gave a poster presentation at the 24th Annual Mid-American Environmental & Engineering Conference (MAEEC) on “Enhancing the detection efficiency of sub 3 nm aerosols with a modified condensation particle counter”.

2019.10.16 Yang gave a platform presentation at the 36th American Association for Aerosol Research annual meeting on “Vertical Profiles of Trace Gas and Aerosol Properties over the Eastern North Atlantic” in Portland, Oregon. He also co-chaired the session of “Remote and Regional Aerosols III”.

2019.8.31 Yang is joining the NASA Cloud, Aerosol and Monsoon Processes Philippines Experiment (CAMP2Ex) campaign in Clark, Philippines from 8.31 to 9.16, to study the impact of aerosols on clouds and climate systems in Southeast Asia.

2019.8.29 Yang received the Ph.D. Award from the Gesellschaft für Aerosolforschung (GAeF), or Association for Aerosol Research, during the 2019 European Aerosol Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2019.8.19 Mr. Weixing Hao has officially joined our group as a PhD student. Welcome!

2019.7.9 The book containing problem sets on aerosol science and technology, “The Wonder World of Aerosol Science and Engineering: Problem Sets with Solutions”, written by Dr. Pratim Biswas and Dr. Yang Wang are now available on Amazon!

2019.6.19 Our paper “Retrieval of high time resolution growth factor probability density function from a humidity-controlled fast integrated mobility spectrometer” is accepted by Aerosol Science and Technology.

2019.6.11 Yang presented in the 2019 DOE ARM/ASR meeting on the vertical profiles of aerosol and trace gas properties during ACE-ENA campaign.

2019.5.20 Yang is joining Missouri University of Science and Technology as an assistant professor in the Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering this fall. He will start his new position on 8/15. 

2018.9.24 Yang moved back to Washington University in St. Louis together with his research supervisor, Dr. Jian Wang, who will be a full professor at Washington University. He will continue his research on the development and deployment of FIMS and data analysis of the DOE ARM campaigns. 

2018.2.21 Yang came back from the ACE-ENA field campaign conducted in Azores, Portugal. This is an aircraft-based field campaign looking to solve the interaction between aerosols and clouds in the marine boundary layer. 

2018.2.1 Yang was awarded with the “2017 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Student Abroad”! This is a prestigious award given to 500 Chinese PhD students (in all disciplines) globally to recognize their research achievements. The award includes a certificate and a check of $6000. More info to follow:

2017.12.3 Yang presented in the AGU 2018 meeting (New Orleans, LA) on the development of the fast integrated mobility spectrometer (FIMS) measuring aerosol size distribution with a frequency of 1 Hz. This is his first AGU meeting. 

2017.10.12 Yang presented in the annual meeting of the American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR, Raleigh, NC) about the development of the HFIMS. WashU also had the aerosol folks gathering! 

2017.9.30 Yang visited Aerosol Dynamics Inc. at Berkerly CA to develop a humidity-controlled fast integrated mobility spectrometer (HFIMS). The HFIMS could measure the hygroscopicity of particles with six different sizes in just 3 minutes (conventionally takes 30 minutes). This would greatly help the measurement of aerosols with transient properties. 

2017.6.10 Yang officially joined Brookhaven National Laboratory as a research associate in the Environmental and Climate Sciences Department. 

2017.4.15 Yang is visiting Brookhaven National Laboratory for a month to get prepared for his new job as a Research Associate in BNL! He is going to work on using a water-based fast integrated mobility spectrometer (W-FIMS) for aerosol hygroscopicity measurement. 

2017.4.3 Yang defended his PhD dissertation! Now looking forward to graduation!